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Tema: Change log 28.09.2022

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    Change log 28.09.2022

    Upgraded Unity Version and Improvements When Buying Items From The Trade Office!


    • Upgraded the Unity version: This will allow us to make further performance improvements in the future!
    • Optimize Trade Buying Panel: Reworked the trade buying panel, improvements are:
    • The offer's area was enlarged in order to display more offers on the screen
    • Search filter now searches while typing
    • Pagination buttons were removed as the new list will display all offers at once
    • 'Refresh offers' button was removed, the list will now automatically refresh
    • The offers list will not be fully reloaded when updated
    • If an offer expires, it will be automatically removed from the list without list reloading
    • The offer renderer is slimmer now, and it is possible to place more of them on the screen
    • The icons of the offer are now bigger
    • The 'Ends' column now shows the remaining time of the offer expiration and updates every 5 seconds in real-time
    • Delay overlay was removed
    • The confirmation popup of Trade status was removed
    • All the resources of an offer have a full tooltip
    • The scroll position of the scrollbar in the offers table is saved and restored
    • Couple of textures were edited to fix visual artifacts
    • General performance was improved
    • Chat: Switching global channels no longer moves the global chat tab to the right
    • Adventures: Fixed an issue that caused a crash when engaging in a battle with a lot of combat rounds

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